When does makeup stop being a dupe and start being a rip off?

What is wrong with a dupe you might ask? It’s cheaper, more accessible and lets you try out a product that you otherwise wouldn’t have bothered/been able to afford otherwise – what more could you possibly want? Wellllll, it’s a little more complicated than that.


Was Drunk Elephant’s UK launch a flop?

If you spend a lot of time on social media, or are remotely interested in beauty then you’ll have heard of Drunk Elephant. Their colourful packaging make them a beauty blogger favourite, and you’ll often find entire accounts dedicated to their products. Drunk Elephant has only been available in America since its launch in 2014 and has been the object of envy for a whole world of bloggers and beauty aficionados. As a UK based beauty blogger, I have always wanted to be able to get my hands on anything DE. So now it has come to the UK through Cultbeauty and Space NK, I’m left feeling a little cold – and I think a lot of other people are too.