About me


My name is Hannah and I am a 23 year old beauty addict.


I have always absolutely loved make up and trying out new products and trends since I was about 12. But my real obsession with make up really went into overdrive when I moved to Spain when I was 20. While on my year abroad, I developed severe acne, which gave me the new challenge of learning to cover it. DESPERATE to get rid of it, I got super into skincare and make up to find any solution.

While working as an English teacher over there, I had a lot of spare time (and money) so spent the vast majority of it watching every make up guru on Youtube talk about their favourite products. My spending got kiiiiiinda crazy (think Confessions of a Shopaholic, but for make up).

I then went the total other way, as my skin started to clear up (thanks to a course of Roaccutane), I stopped wearing make up entirely unless it was a special occasion (date night/night out). Whereas before I felt I needed make up to look beautiful, I stopped caring what people would think when they saw my acne and just focused on getting through my final year of uni.

I absolutely love testing out new products and have always loved recommending stuff to my friends and family.  This blog aims to help YOU out – whether it’s to dodge an under performing product you had your eyes on or to find your new holy grail.

To contact me, email smalltownbeautyaddict@gmail.com