Statement earrings – H&M

I recently went on a little shopping trip to H&M and found some goooorgeous earrings that are perfect for summer! I usually stick to stud earrings, but I was feeling daring. Keep reading to see my little gems that will put you into holiday mode!

The tassel earring


Tassel earrings are everywhere at the moment, in pretty much every colour you could imagine! I decided to go for something super bold and a little outside my comfort zone… and went for yellow.

I wear a lot of black and white, and I figured this would give me the perfect pop of colour! These earrings come in so many different colours that you can find any colour that suits your style. If you want to jazz up any outfit, adding these will certainly take your outfit to the next level. I would wear these with a more dressy outfit, like the typical ‘jeans and a nice top’ or anything monochrome.

The geometric drop down


These gold earrings are really different for me! I usually don’t go for drop down earrings but I love the double circles in these. These are much more wearable than brighter coloured earrings and can go with a casual outfit to dress it up or a dressy outfit to add a more subtle bit of glam.

The weird shape one 


I love these earrings. They’re a really unusual shape and actually look different depending on what angle you look at them from. They look really high fashion to me and can really dress up any look. These would be great if you have your hair up so you can really see them, and everyone can admire them and tell you how good you look (:

The DIY hoop


Okay, these are my absolute favourite. I saw them on an advert on the tube and haaaaad to get them. They’re fairly big hoops covered in a blue and white striped material that give them quite a homemade feel. Wearing these with your hair up looks really chic and summery. They’re quite heavy to wear, so I wouldn’t be able to wear them all day. Regardless, they make me feel really good about myself and I got loads of compliments when I wore these!

What jewellery have you bought recently that gives you that feel good feeling? Leave a comment!


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